Organizations & Causes to Support!

I’d like to give thanks to the many events, organizations and teachers that have paved the way toward education and upliftment whose work in deconstructing the social constructs of race, gender and spiritual inequality have paved the way for a more just, balanced and irresistible world climate to emerge.

The forums and organizers listed here have done incredible work and many of them have owned their privilege and operated from a place of true spiritual upliftment and deconstruction of white supremacy, heteronormative, patriarchal colonized systems of oppression through their voice, vision, medicine and wisdom.

These Love Warriors and Re-Dreamers have catalyzed actions and sentiments which have propelled social, spiritual, sexual and political justice to new levels of healing and regeneration.

Trailblazers and Dreamweavers of what is possible when we create spaces of inclusivity, intersectionality, awareness, safety, resistance, resilience and accessibility to all people and all beings.

I give thanks and illuminate with deep reverence the educators, events and alliances who have helped to propel, uplift, catalyze and care for me and who have valued my presence as a teacher, artist, poet and fierce outspoken wise woman.

Check out the amazing work these accomplices and heart led revolutionaries are doing in their own communities and around the globe:


Climbing Poetree

Dynamic Duo Warrior Gahdesses Folk Media Architects Activists and Poets redesigning possibility and promise of a more irresistible just and Sheart led future.

Truth Worker Theatre Company

Social justice based, hip-hop theatre company founded and directed by Samara Gaev, for high school and college-aged youth in Brooklyn, NY. Providing youth leadership programming, professional stipends, and rigorous artistic training.

Soul Fire Farm

Ending Racism and injustice in our food system. Black & Latinx farmers immersions, land reclamation, youth programs, food justice & deconstruction of food apartheid.

Adaku Utah/Harriets Apothecary

Black Healing Village & Mobile Holistic Wellness Sanctuary for POC & LGBTQ & the Accomplices that love them inspired by the work & liberation of freedom fighter Harriet Tubman. herbalism, holistic healing, wellness, deconstructing capitalism consciousness, promoting self care and cooperative economic models of upliftment.

Rising Appalachia & The Rise Collective

Global sound architects, song keepers, story tellers, social justice advocates & my daughters gayness mama’s. Tracking footsteps to the ways music connects us on a more broad and buoyant spectrum of consciousness

Cortina Jenelle

Web Design, Branding & Business Doula, Poet, Creative Facilitator, Gahdess of Communications & Community Building. Seeker of the Authenticity in us ALL. 

Amita Swadhin

Survivor, educator, storyteller, healer.

Ev’Yan Whitney

Sexuality and Empowerment Gahdess

Adina Rivers

Tantrika, Sexual Educator, Sexuality and Empowerment for Grown Ass Folks

Derrick Jaxn

Poet, philanthropist, relationship guru empowering men & women through real talk & video blogs books, social media & empowerment appearances.

Stephan Lebossiere

Real love, real talk, real relationships relationship coach, author, speaker


Below is a list of events, educators and performers who have impacted my own work and whose innovations and  initiatives have been a catalyst in global change visioning:

South East Wise Woman  Conference

Daughters of the Earth Gathering

Belly and Womb Conference

Afro Punk Festival

Allied Media Conference

The Michigan Women’s Music Festival

Alternate Roots Arts Community Activism

LEAF Community Arts

Civil Liberties and Public Policy Conference

The Audre Lorde Project

Black Woman’s Blueprint

Women’s Voices World Wide

Mother Woman

Women in Power

The Prison Birth Project

Trinity Hip Hop Festival

Beat Global (formerly Beat NYC)

Olatokunboh Obasi/Well of Indigenous Wisdom

Lenelle Moise

Rocio Alarcon

Lago Negro(Guatemala)

Ani Difranco

Nahko and Medicine for the People

Angela Davis

Assata Shakur

Imani Izuri

Sonia Sanchez 

Tem Blessed

The Luminaries

Congo Sanchez

Natasha Diggs