Benefits of Doula Care

Hiring a Doula can be an important choice in fostering the birth experience a family wants to create. Doula’s provide skilled and compassionate non medical support which can be appropriate for a variety of birth settings including homebirths, hospital or birthing center births. Having a Doula provides caring support that is specific to your birth vision. A Doula   can advocate, nurture, comfort, support and witness the steps along the way to creating your optimum birth experience. Families who choose to hire a birth doula have often experienced an incredible sense of well being, have been more fully able to relax into the physicality of birthing and have felt completely taken care of and nurtured in the process.

Doula Care can provide not only practical help but also emotional support and a nourishing transition into mothering. Families who hire a postnatal doula report feeling at ease, having a better handle on the realities of being a new parent and more ability to linger in the sweetness of the cocoon time with a new baby. Research has shown that Mothers who have adequate practical and emotional support coupled with time to heal and intimate bonding time with their new baby(s) are much less likely to experience post partum depression.

Studies have shown that the presence of a trained doula can impact a birthing experience in the following positive ways: 

  •  First-time mothers labor an average of two hours less
  •  50% fewer cesarean sections
  •  60% fewer requests for epidural anesthesia
  •  50% fewer instrumental deliveries (forceps, vacuum)
  •  40% reduction in use of Pitocin (a synthetic hormone)
  •  Mothers and babies bond better
  •  Mothers and fathers/partners bond better
  •  More successful breastfeeding

As a Birth Doula my primary focus is on helping families vision, plan and experience their optimum birthing environment and to support and nurture the choices of the mother through her pregnancy and birth. As a Post Partum  Doula I strive to provide quality specialized care to Mothers and Families to infuse the home with a nesting quality, allowing the intimate and special moment of welcoming a new baby to linger and settle naturally. In many cultures the village helps to care for the new mother and child, sisters, mothers and grandmothers traditionally offer support,nourishment and practical care almost immediately. A doula can take on the same type of role that still exists in many cultures around the globe.

Often family members are not in physical proximity or can’t be available right away for immediate support of the new family. In some cases families also prefer for the time after a new baby has come to be an insulated time where few visitors and personalities are present. A Doula can provide support ranging from household tasks, meal preparation, sibling care, baby wearing and holding so parents can bathe and eat, breast feeding support and lactation counseling, emotional support, errand running and an overall sense of being taken care of. Your doula can also help be a buffer if visitors or family members want to help and need direction. Together we can create a post partum plan that supports the needs of your growing family,