Bone Flower Botanikals is a woman owned local business based in The Pioneer Valley’s Northeast region of Shutesbury, MA rooted in the tradition of wise woman herbalism and botanika traditions from around the globe.

Bone Flowers mission is to bring plant medicine and spiritually charged botanika back to the forefront of holistic healing.

Herbal Medicine has always been a people’s medicine and to return the cultural awareness again to plant based remedies and preparations will continue to forge a global pathway of healing for generations to come. Bone Flower is dedicated to the principals and traditions of creating natural medicinals, remedies and botanika in small batches using only organic and ethically wildcrafted plants, menstruums, oils and ingredients. Bone Flower uses no synthetics, fixatives or unnatural preservatives in the creation of our products. Each product is designed, packaged, labeled and produced locally in sustainable, reusable and recyclable packaging. We source ingredients locally first, and when we do have to source globally we choose the most responsible and fair trade companies in the global market place.

Two third of the world’s population continues to rely on herbal medicine and plant healing techniques as their first choice in healthcare which is in line with Bone Flower’s mission and business practices.

Through alternative education and awareness steeped in botanika traditions that have been handed down from wise women, root doctors and shamanic healers Bone Flower’s tradition is infused with the old ways honoring cultural traditions from around the globe. Plant Spirit Healing techniques provide the tools necessary to work with the green world on a deeper and more thorough level. Everyone can benefit from creating relationships and connections with plant allies.Plant Spirit Healing and energetic alignment with lunar, celestial and astrological influences are charted and infused into every batch of medicinal botanika.

Thirteenth Moon Designs is Artist Venus Zephyr’s Up-cycled,Re-imagined, Mixed Media Art Forms taking shape with found and acquired objects from bones, stones, feathers and images to bottle caps,birch bark, urgent napkin poems(AD) and anything that elicits a positive and eloquent beauty to the beholder. Each piece is created with a high vibration intention meant to inspire, aspire and elevate the finder of unlimited imagination. Thirteenth Moon encompasses the idea of art as a functional and necessary requirement of living fully and authentically. The gallery contained here is an ever evolving representation of the forms and inspirations of the moment. On any given visit you may find: Spiritually charged luminary intent candles inspired by botanika,santeria and voodoo traditions, paying reverence to the gateways of the mystic through paperwork and mixed media collage

  • Leather,feathers, stones and bones tribal style earrings and jewelry
  • Mixed Media Collage Art in the mediums of found boxes and treasure chests, poetic pendants, up-cycled chopstick boxes, bottle cap magnets and optical magnets
  • Poetry, WordCraft, Prose and Stories in all forms
  • Paintings including all manners of media from water color and collage to acrylics and penned original poetic pieces
  • Henna Adorned Art in fabric, wood, leather and stone

My inspirations and ideas are endless and my art is an expression of a lifetime of experimentation, self discovery and the endless co-conspiracy that comes alive when art is used as a tool, a remedy, a vision and a forum for alternative education, experiential participation and wildly experienced co-creation with divine perception.