Herbal healing in the Wise Woman Tradition is a holistic approach to healthcare and overall well being. Herbalism focuses on diet, lifestyle and overall imbalances within the bodily systems to correct and alter health challenges over time. We will find through the exploration of a detailed intake where imbalances lie and through herbal remedies how to infuse your life with green blessings on a daily basis.

The initial consultation is designed to cover each clients specific needs and expectations. Through a symbiotic relationship with plants and dialogue we will design the most beneficial protocol for every client.

Herbal healing is medicine for the people, it works in conjunction with any healthy lifestyle and can be incorporated with allopathic, alternative and homeopathic medicine.

Often the plants growing outside your front door are the allies you need to help you on your healing journey.

Please note: Initial session lasts 1.5 to 2 hours.

To schedule a consultation, please contact Venus Zephyr boneflowerbotanikals@gmail.com.

Initial Consultation Introductory Special / $99 | Follow Up Consultation  45 minutes/ $39