Henna Sakred Body Adornment

Henna otherwise know as “mehendi” is a temporary skin art that stains your skin with the finely ground henna plant (Lawsonia Inermis). We use the highest quality natural henna, made with essential oils and herbs. Henna is a traditional sacred body adornment found in India, Africa, Morocco and all over South Asia. Henna Body Art is cooling to the skin, relaxing and soothing, and mystical in it’s traditional application. Henna  will stain your skin from 1-3 weeks depending on your skin type and is best suited to the hands and feet. Full Moon Henna and Boddhi Tree Adornments is available for weddings,blessing ways,, birthdays, special occasions, music festivals and rites of passage events for both women and men. Come visit us and see what the transformative art of body adornments can inspire in you.
Private Body Adornment Appointments are our speciality!
$75 per hour for one artist(includes henna, body paint, session time and after care instructions and supplies)
$140 per hours for two artists(includes henna, body paint, session time and after care instructions and supplies)
From the place of divine inspiration Boddhi Tree is a call to The Goddess or God within to come forward and express that which is within. Body Art is a tradition in all cultures from Africa to India and in all tribes and sects some form of this expression exists. Drawing Inspiration from global cultures, otherworldly beings and divine guidance adorning the body can be an act of healing, passage and affirmation. We all have inner expressions that are searching a place to be seen and felt, body adornment can serve as a power-full vehicle to transform the inner landscape and help us in expressing a desire, fear, feeling or intention.