Plant Spirit Healing

Plant Spirit Healing aides clients in becoming more fully integrated into their own true essential nature.

Throughout session work Plant Spirit Healing generates profound healing through alignment with the vast network of the natural world. Extending far beyond symptomatic healing. Plant Spirit Healing addresses the roots of our physical,emotional and spiritual imbalances and the source of Dis-Ease by raising our awareness and guiding us to live and operate through our highest potential. Throughout our lives, this one and previous incarnations we endure different types of challenging, jarring, and even traumatic injuries to both our bodily systems and our spiritual and auric fields. In order to live fully and authentically on our Earth walk our energetic body must be cleared and freed from obstructions and debris that may have followed us into this life, been passed to us by our ancestors, or that we have somehow attracted through energetic impressions. This is referred to as spiritual illness which can come in many forms referred to as Susto “Fright”, Pesar, “Grief”, Mal de Ojo “Intentional bad vibes”, Envidia “Envy or Jealousy”, Tristeza “sadness”, these illnesses if untreated can wreak havoc on the spiritual body and if left to linger unattended can manifest into physical, mental and emotional Dis- Ease

The Plant Spirit Healing modality is a shamanic understanding and relationship with the green world, through direct communication and communion with plant allies the healing gifts of each plant offer deep and profound healing relationships. During a series of sessions a variety of modalities are encouraged to support and deepen our work together with plant consciousness. Sessions are reflective of each persons individual experiences and needs and may include herbal preparations, tinctures, infusions and flower essences, spiritual bathing,chakra clearing, plant spirit alignments, soul retrieval, nutritional and life style modifications and referrals to other practicioners. Only when we are operating through our highest self can we truly walk the path we have come here to walk. Experience what being filled full of yourself feels like.

Note: Commitment to at least 4 sessions is encouraged to create lasting relationships with Plant Allies.

Plant Spirit Healing is also a beneficial modality especially during times of transition like birthing, getting married, extreme life changes, when a loved one passes, coming of age, change of life and all other rites of passage.

60 minutes / $99

Pre-Paid 4 Session Bundle  $375

Mugwort Attunements

Artemesia vulgaris or “mugwort” is an all purpose plant spirit for our modern and static world. Many people pull Mugwort right from their landscape treating her as a weed, though she has grown up in their garden to help and heal them. Artemisia is a clearer of static energy, a plant that helps us vision for the future and aides us in re-attuning to our chosen pathways. If you are feeling stuck,drained,energetically or physically out of sorts or unable to heal no matter what you have been working with this plant has the ability to open the energy pathways and clear out the toxic debris of trauma that can be stored in the energy body.

Mugwort attunements are an introduction to this powerful and visionary plant. You will receive a deep smudging session an anointing of protection over sacred energetic points and a body balancing aspering that will begin to clear the static energy from your luminous field. Each session is done fully clothed in a private space and is intentional for your specific pathway. Mugwort is the Plant Spirit that aids our bodies in clearing of unwanted energetic impressions so we can fully live out our true nature. My teacher Pam refers to Plant Spirit Healing as being filled full of yourself, and so I welcome clients with the introduction of this modality through Artemisia.

1 hour $65