Flower Wrapped Purification Bundles



Purification & Cleansing are such an important part of naviagting humanity  & the subtle & mundane energy that can settle into our ethereral body & nervous system.

Our bundles are created with the medicine of love & clear intentions of purifaction, cleansing & consecration of our bodies, spaces & places.

We burn things in our apothecary & home often & we encourage our clients to create their own meaningful rituals around cleanising & consecration.

To Use: Light the rounded end of the purification bundle to ignite, blow out until smoke billows out & direct the smoke around your body, space or object to be cleansed & consecrated. Find your own words or prayers to ask to remove any blockages or unwanted energy, or silently move through your process, but keep it moving around. Let the smoke direct where you cleabse & how you move. When you are complete, place unused bundle into a heat proof container & tamp out on sand or rocks,make sure the herbs are well contained & fully out before leaving the space.

Use this purification bundle for all your rituals of healing, purification, connecting to your ancesntral traditions, envisioning love, exquisite vibrations, replacing blockages, stuck energy & heaviness with love, brilliance & light hearted joy. Use as often as you feel the need to cleanse yourself & clear the energy of things around you.

Be Blessed & Be Love

Contains: Sustainably Harvested White Sage, Wild Rose Petals, Cedar Tips, Marigold Flowers & the Lineage of Love

All of Bone Flower’s White Sage products,  purification bundles, & incense blends are either grown in our gardens or sustainably harvested by the Cochimi People Indigenous to Mexico & Baja CA regions.

White sage is an overharvested & at-risk plant & we are committed to only using plants in our products & remedies that are harvested with reverence to the earth/plants,  the people’s land who grew it & that farmers are paid a living wage for their work.

Additional information

Weight .75 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 2 × 2 in


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