Wild Crafted Purification Bundles




Hand Wrapped Wild Harvest Purification Bundles

Harvested when the moon is right on Samhain. Each year we creep through fields and groves in the deep nighttime. The witches hours, our scythe in hand, harvesting the last remnants of the summers gifts. Samhain is the final harvest, a time when we gather the remainder of our medicines and tools for the long winter ahead.


These purification bundles were harvested under the Waxing Gibbious Moon at 85% full on Samhain 2017.

Purification bundles contain:

Mugwort(Artemisia Vulgrais), Lavender, Tulsi Holy Basil, Sage, Wild Roses, and Rosemary….

Use Purification Bundles for your Moon Rituals, Rites of Purification, Healing and Letting Go. To purify your body, home, office, car, or any sakred space.

Purification bundles are amazing gifts for a house warming, baby blessing or anytime a loved one is writing starting on a path or closing a chapter.

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