Venus Zephyr Free is a genuine revolutionary woman. She eminates beauty, truth, magic and love. She is one of the utmost talented human beings I have ever known. She can and does do anything and everything, and with heart fueled earth mama style. She holds caverns of sacred knowledge and educates effortlessly with pleasure. It’s as if eons of wisdom were unlocked within her. She is kind, funny, down to earth, honest, caring and just plain gorgeous- body, mind, heart and soul. She can cleanse your chakras, attune you to mugwort, retreive bits of your soul, do shamanic journeying, heal with plant spirits and drum rythyms and so SO much more. Her herbal formularies are unique, delicious and absolutely incredible. Her intuition is astonishing. Her poetry is musical. I’m always thrilled to see what she comes up with and my cubboards are stocked with her products. Her hard work and dedication to the craft is a daily inspiration for my own work. She really hears you when you speak and is a powerful witness to trauma and recovery work. She is a bright light and I feel blessed to know her. The world is absolutely a better place with her light shining brilliantly. She is also an absolutely fantastic chef and adoring mother. Thank you Venus for being who you are, especially in these challenging times.

Stacia Danielle Damiana Noga

Northampton, MA

I used to get sick multiple times a year. VERY sick. It would take over a month each time for me to get better.

It felt as though I was basically sick all year long.

I tried antibiotics, acupuncture, vitamins, herbs, elderberry from the store.

Antibiotics helped, but had lots of side effects. Accupuncture & Chinese herbs did actually work, but was prohibitively expensive for me. Vitamins, herbs, elderberry from the store etc helped lessen symptoms & duration, but I still got sick a LOT.

Then a friend suggested I try your elderberry syrup.

It works better than anything else I’ve ever tried.

I went from being sick ALL THE TIME, to not being sick ONCE for over three years.

I’d take a dose a day for three days any time I was around a sick person who I could catch something from.
I’d take it when I felt tired & run down to give me an immune boost so I didn’t catch something.

And I wasn’t sick for THREE YEARS!!!

I give bottles of the stuff away to people. It’s MAGIC.

I did catch something this past winter, but the elderberry still helped.

Your lung syrup works better for me than otc guaffesin expectorants.

It must be your magic. Your love. Your intention.

Your medicine isn’t just made with science and intellectual understanding, it is made with heart & spirit.

I’m SO grateful.

This past autumn, I sprained my left ankle and dislocated my left patella for the THIRD time in my life.
I very nearly needed surgery. Your higher love coconut oil internally and topically helped SO MUCH with the pain and swelling. Way better that advil & ice.  It made me capable of really giving my all during physical therapy sessions. Because I worked so hard in physical therapy, I don’t need surgery (as long as nothing dislocates again). Your higher love has helped me with headaches, menstrual cramps, and symptoms of PTSD such as nightmares.

I didn’t know what it was like to NOT wake up at least 3x a night gasping for air. Really.

Your medicines are life changing.

Thank you SO MUCH for what you do.

You’ve made my life considerably better.

I tell all my friends about you.

Bless you.


♥ letter to Feminin-I-Tea

I’m so full of gratitude for your tea. My housemate and I were having extreme periods, tons of cramps and moodiness. Sometimes she couldn’t even get out of bed and lost many days of work. I saw your tea and brought it home to her thinking it’s worth a try and if she doesn’t like it, then I’ll drink it. Well, both of us LOVED it. As well as your tincture. While drinking your tea, she didn’t loose anymore time off of work, had more energy and came back to herself in a way that she could not only function, but thrive. As for me, I groove through my moon time, knowing that your tea supports me… I feel I am loving myself, by giving myself the best. Something all natural and delicious. Such a blessing to have good health. Thank you for supporting mine! Love, Janiegrace

Jane W.

Boston, MA

Your connection to mother earth, plant,herb and flower essences is the key to the beautiful service you provide. Your human to human connection is another factor in this passion of yours.  I have had conversations with you and you are able to direct me in alignment with the right formula,tea, and tonic. I have always benefited from these products.  Your balms are the bombs…. I use them regularly and love the smells.  Thank-you for being so present with me as a human being and with the plant spirits. I honor your forward motion and continual service.

Sue A.

Holliston, MA

What a blessing Venus is and a source of wellness that she’s created in Bone Flower Botanikals. I’ve been physically, spiritually, and emotionally transformed every time I use her products. I feel more connected to my body and more aware of the possibilities of natural healing in my life. Thank you loved one.

Adaku Utah

Brooklyn, NY

Bone Flower Botanikal’s Elderberry syrup helps to keep my 6 yr. old daughter healthy and prevents her from contracting the many colds she is predisposed to getting in the winter, she even thinks it tastes great. I recommend it highly as immune system support for the whole family.

Asherah Allen, Lic. Ac., L.M.T.

Leeds, MA