Soul Flower Testimonials

This was my third postpartum. I was determined to finally do it right this time. It was the first time I hired doulas postpartum to support me, and it’s the best decision I made not only for myself, but my whole family as well. When I was supported and taken care of, the whole family thrived. Venus was a dream to have come on a consistent basis those first two weeks. She showed love and dedication to the work, was organized and always present and comforting, which is invaluable when you’re receiving care from such a vulnerable place.

I attribute my speedy healing to her decadent and nourishing meals and teas that were delightfully presented after the herbal baths she prepared. Her sense of nurturing was like a grandmother’s knowledge with a friend’s touch: from her caring support getting me from space to space, her attention to creating a sanctuary for my healing baths, and all at the same time pulling off tasks like tiding, kitchen cleaning, and re-making the bed (which, when you spend two weeks straight in there, it can make it feel like a refreshing new spot!).  All my midwives, other friends, and doulas who have come to visit since Venus’ treatments have been astonished to my speedy recovery and amazing vibrancy of health. Deepest gratitude to Venus! It’s a blessing to have her in your postpartum, see for yourself.

Angie G.

Northampton, MA

“I never imagined hiring a doula but when I finally looked into it I realized it was going to be an essential part of my birth and post partum to make the choice to have someone who was there just for me. I found Venus through another practitioner who recommended her and let us know she was volunteering for the birth portion to receive her certification. I didn’t know what to expect from a volunteer birth doula but Venus handled our initial visits, agreements and commitments with ease and professionalism. I felt very taken care of, understood and like I had the peace of mind to surrender when the time came. My birth was a first child and I was so happy I had a birth attendant to guide me and advocate for my needs. In the post partum time I used many of the gifts I received to hire Venus as my post partum doula as well, and also received her 3 day sitz bath package to help my healing time go smoothly.

Venus made our home feel like a 5 star hotel, nourishing our family with amazing meals, preparing my herbal baths, taking each detail from making the beds, to cleaning up everything and then some. the herbal baths really allowed me relaxation, comfort and I know my healing time seemed like a breeze compared to what I imagined. Having a luxurious and medicinal preparation at such a tender time was exactly what I needed to feel strong and healthy. I wish all families  could have someone so attentive to make the post partum time effortless. Venus came highly recommended but she surpassed the expectations we had during the birth and beyond. Our whole family was strengthened due to her presence and if I have other children I would definitely hire her again. I can’t recommend her wonderful care enough.

Alana M.

Greenfield, MA