What We’re About

Bone Flower Botanikals is a woman owned herbal botanika apothecary and healing practice based in the hills of western Massachusetts. We press footsteps throughout The Pioneer Valley and Around the Globe to find medicinals and plant allies to create the highest vibration medicine available .We believe in healing that goes beyond our bones to the root of DIS-ease. We believe in access, availability and diversity in healthcare and our Global Botanika Line and Healing Practices.

Bone Flower operates and thrives within sustainable, deliberate and alternative wellness models. We believe in the medicine of love, pleasure, passion, accountability and accessibility in healthcare and in living life. All of our medicinals, botanikals and alchemical apothecary creations are made in the ways of the old and ancient with a modern love warrior’s twist, crafted with the moon tides and celestial influences of the seasons and the magick of sakred elements in every batch and blend .

Bone Flower’s business philosophy and my personal passions are aligned with:

Ancient Traditions | Craft Medicinals | Cultural Diversity | Artisan Herbalism | Wise Woman Ways | Wild Wisdom | Rooted Wellness Radical Healing…and most importantly FIERCE SELF LOVE.

About Venus

Venus Zephyr is an Artist, Activist, Poet, Plant Spirit Practitioner, Herbalist, Plant Priestess, Radical Doula, Brand Ambassador,Fashion-Forward Gahdess,Hand Holder, Memory Scriber, Heartist Re-Dreamer,& Mama to her Dawta Sela Jade.

Venus brings a deep passion and lifelong exploration of the green world to her practice. Imparting wisdom from Wise Woman Traditions from cultures around the Globe.Venus is committed to the reverent sharing of the cultural traditions she has studied on her Medicine Woman Journey. Plant Medicine, Wise Woman Healing and Sustainable Living weave a seamless tapestry to inform these healing practices. Venus is dedicated to empowering people and resurrecting our power through art and traditional healing as a tool to bring us forward to living our most authentic self. With Plant Consciousness Venus forges a path for herbal healing to remain a people’s medicine and realign with the revolutionary consciousness that is being birthed in our global village.

Venus also practices the ancient art of Spiritual Plant Bathing taught in the tradition of South and Central America. She imparts her intuitive wisdom with the teachings of Rocio Alarcon(Ecuador), Rosita Arvigo(Belize) and her Plant Spirit Teacher Pam Montgomery (Vermont) into this beautiful healing technique. Venus is available for group herbal discussions, private herbal consultations and spiritual bathing/plant healing ceremonies for births, weddings, blessingways, rites of passage, moon rituals and compassionate healing workings.

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